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A Cold Weather Writing Prompt

It’s been too long since I last posted a writing prompt. Since I’ve always thought of October not as a month in Autumn, but the month that signals the beginning of winter, it seems this scene should be suitable. The scene: a cliff Weather: It is cold...

The Password of Death

A story I began working on awhile ago that I haven’t touched in months surfaced today when I saw this picture. The story is a humorous thriller (or maybe just a bumbling idiot trying to stay alive). In one scene my hero, Torrance, is fleeing from a trio of guys...

Convincing Myself

Where it sometimes gets scary is when I’m out, such as shopping at the grocery store or maybe the mall and one of my characters starts talking to me. Often I will talk back, but if I forget where I am, which is easy if the conversation is good, I might be...

What Every Baby Wants: Metallica Lullabies

If you have a baby and you’re tired of singing the child to sleep (or in some cases humming) the child to sleep with the same old tunes, you might want to invest in Metallica Lullaby’s. A recording of 11 Metallica songs rearranged into what are advertised as “soothing” lullabies.

My Biography?

A major concern of mine is that this will be the title of my biography. Rather than that title, I’d prefer, “Well, It Was a Good Try.”

The Most Important Thing In the world

I’d love to have thousands and thousands of people read what I write, but that isn’t as important as doing it because even if there are times I don’t think it’s important, I know it is.

Looking at a Funeral

Two men stood on a beach talking. “You can’t just dump his body in the ocean.” “That’s what he said he wanted.” “But it’s his least favorite place. He’s not a water person.” “So, what’re we gonna do, dump his body in the woods somewhere...

I Am Crazy !

Sitting here, day after day, trying to turn ideas into words and sentences and paragraphs that will make enough sense, cast enough of a web to grab the attention

But What Is the R E A L Meaning?

The one time I took a Poetry Writing Course about the only thing I learned was that people find much more meaning in a poem than the author probably intended. I wrote what I saw as a nice little poem about a leaf falling, fluttering in the breeze, bouncing along the...

The Sobriety Test

Brian was tired, not drunk. Couldn’t they see that? Couldn’t they just smell his breath? Couldn’t they just listen to him talk to tell he wasn’t drunk? He was just overworked and tired, so very tired, that’s all.

Short Story: Bert’s Bodacious Baked Beauties

Bert was working fast. Less than two hours to make about 150 of his famous chocolate chip cookies. They were actually chocolate oatmeal cookies with chocolate chunks, walnuts, pecans, and his special ingredient, hazelnuts to go along with his secret ingredient,...

Before I Speak

I’ve often thought this quote could be paraphrased – Before I write, I’ve got something important to say....

A Man of a Certain Age

This is the hard part: I don’t know where to start this. I don’t want to sound like a drooling old pervert, but the fact was, she was quite pretty and I found myself glancing at her in that way that I imagine all older men of mine do – wanting to look, wanting to admire, wanting to imagine, but not wanting to get caught at it. If this was a love story, I would begin it there: with me looking, but trying not to look.

Punctuation Is Taking Over My Life

Funny thing – I’m starting to talk as if I’m sending a text. Awhile ago my daughter suggested I get a smart phone, so I looked around and after a while found something that fit my budget: an android phone and Virgin Mobile. That was about five years...

Looking at an Unusual Search Engine: Seenapse

  I’m not sure what to make of a new search engine’ an inspiration engine, which is still in it’s infancy: Seenapse, . Right now, it might not be better than Google for what it does – brainstorm and draw associations – but as the...