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I’m a Statistic

I’m a statistic. I know, we’re all statistics in some way and many ways. We’re all plugged in and dotted and numbered and pinned to various charts, squeezed into various reports, rattled off as if it really means something.

One Reason Why Writing Is Difficult

Writing is incredibly difficult. If you are a story teller, it seems it should be easy. However, there is a great difference, a difference wider than a rift in the Earth that you need all your strength to jump across.

Children in Restaurants: Maybe, Maybe Not

You might disagree with me on this, but children younger than five should not be allowed in restaurants. Fast food places, family restaurants, restaurants designed for children, okay; but otherwise the child should be left at home.

Is A Stress Free Childhood a Good Thing?

Everyone wants their child to have a stress free childhood, right? Maybe that’s not such a good idea after all. According to a Dutch researcher, Esther Nederhof, children who have stress free childhoods are more likely to be depressed when they become adults.

To Be a Better Picture Book Writer, Be a Better Picture Book Critiquer

In order to write a good picture book, it helps to be able to recognize a good picture book. You should be able to effectively critique a picture book in order to determine how good it is. The next step for a Picture Book writer is, of course, to be able to apply the ability to critique a Picture Book to his or her own writing. That’s why I’ve been collecting some tips and suggestion about critiquing Picture Books.

Maybe Reading Books Is an Aquired Taste

This is both frightening and sad.

The one stat here I find most shocking is the one that states: “42% of college grads never read another book after college. CLICK the image to see the entire chart.

Kids & the Internet, Some Not So Surprising Stats

For some reason I saved this short list of Kids and the Internet stats. I guess something about it surprised me, although I now have no idea what it was. Maybe it was something else about the stats that I found interesting.

Room Available

That’s what she called her car, ‘Deja vu’ because it was pretty much like the clunker it replaced. It was the same model, same color, same interior. The only real difference was that it was four years younger, as if a seven year old car could be considered young. As a car salesman he once knew said,

Review: The Obsidian Blade

The Obsidian Blade by Pete Hautman

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Both fascinating and silly Young Adult Science Fiction. I thought this was a wonderful book with an unusual, different story

A Little Apricot Colored Rose

Then he lied about it. It wasn’t like it was just a branch or two or just a flower or two that got damaged. Nope, it was pretty darn near the whole bush. It also wasn’t like it was just any old rosebush, you know, the kind you buy at Brakesmith’s Five and Dime,

Ice Cream Dreams

That’s something I’ve always wanted to do: plunge into a vat of liquid chocolate and float in it. I imagine it would be little like floating in Great Salt Lake, except maybe you would sink. That would be alright as long as you could float back to the top and get some air.

Bob… A Chipmunk Tale

I used to be a Bob, but it’s such a common name for anyone older than 35. I got tired of the jokes, comments, etc., involving the name. Besides ever since I was little I wanted to be a Robb, mostly because my father was a Bob.

Review: The Monstore

Monsters are supposed to be scary and in this story, they are; but not the way the boy, Zach, expects them to be. His plan is to go to the Monstore, and buy a monster to scare his sister away. That doesn’t work, so he busy two more, then three more, then more and more.

From the Back of My Eyelids

I know, you thought I said, ‘I’m surrounded by thousands of worms,’ but I said words. Sometimes, I’d rather be surrounded by thousands of worms. All those words, coming at me from just about every possible direction, even from the inside, even from more than one inside, not that there’s more than one person inside me,

Review: Fortunately, the Milk

It seems this would be fun to read aloud to your kids. Of course, they might be groaning through the whole thing, or they might be giggling at the absurdity of it all. After all who would go to so much trouble just for a bottle of milk.

The Year of Two Christmases

I was excited. This was the way adventures were supposed to be in the spooky-dark, in the cold, all the way to New York. I looked at Timmy, my little brother. He never did what he was supposed to be doing. He was staring out the window. We were supposed to be coloring. Maybe it was better he wasn’t coloring.

Review: Dodger

Pratchett’s Dodger is a man who makes his living primarily finding things in London’s sewers. He is smart and wily though. And thanks to Dickens’ happening upon Dodger in the act of saving the life of a girl who is being assaulted. Thus begins a romance between the girl and Dodger. Also Dodger begins climbing upward through the layers of London society

The Best Worst Christmas Ever

Forrest just wanted a train. That’s what he told his mom, his dad, his uncle Tony, and Santa Claus. In fact that’s what he told every Santa Claus he saw, and there were three of them. Forrest knew that maybe none of them was the real Santa Claus, but there was no reason to be careful about it. Forrest knew it didn’t matter if he told the real Santa or not because the real Santa was probably paying attention and knew how much Forrest wanted a train set.